We are Out of Beta & Job Postings are live!

We are now open for business and have launched Job Postings! In our mission to make the lives of Geeks around the world better, we have created a unique, seamless and fun way to find companies and for companies to find you. We’re proud to have kicked off our very first day with companies like Amazon’s SoCal A2ZOC division, LA’s hot startup Swagsy and the great Mountain View company Ooyala, with hundred’s more lined up to start connecting and building relationships with developers who wish to be connected.

The demand for Job Posting capabilities was screaming at us for a few months now… so If you’re hiring… go here:

Fill in your post and it will look something like this, but you have to add team members and photos of your space for it to look as awesome as this one for BitTorrent. See their company page as an example of what your company page could look like! What? You’re not a Verified Company yet? Email us here: founders@geekli.st

Companies will be matched to developers by skills tagged, number of ^5’s and your GeekCred. When you’re matched you’ll see:

You will be notified when someone is interested:

and can view their details and invite them to a convo:

Of course your success in hiring will have much to do with how attractive your companies profile is inside Geeklist as well. Contact us to learn more about the Verified Company options founders@geekli.st.


You’re getting a special tool as well. You may or may not have noticed, but we have our own live Convo tool! (Like DM only geekier, stored and tagged for you to save and see later…unlike ‘other’ DM or PM tools) Basically if you follow someone and they follow you, you may invite them to a convo!

Every day people are finding technical co-founders, collaborators on new projects and just connecting with like-minded geeks!

So, you may be looking for work, you may not be looking but are open to options or you may want to be left alone. We give you, the developer, control over your level of engagement with companies in Geeklist, but inevitably they are looking at you and your profile… so even if you’re not looking you’ll want to fill it out, add achievement cards and show your best geek-face. In adding your Achievement cards think back to some of the very cool achievements you accomplished at prior or current jobs, projects, life accomplishments, it’s all part of your Geek persona. 

IMPORTANT: With Jobs live you’ll want to go to edit your profile settings, add your proper location, data and information and make certain your availability is set to the proper selection:

From the Geeklist founders - Reuben and Christian

Hey! One of the companies looking at your profiles is New Relic. Check out their awesome deal and get SWAG!

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