Giving cred in imagery for the co-founder of Square and designers & engineers everywhere

UPDATE: Note from Jim McKelvey - 

"The very first Square reader I built had a brushed aluminum housing - I though it would look cool.  It worker OK, but only in my hands.  Jack couldn’t get the thing to work.  The difference it turned out was that I didn’t touch the reader whereas Jack would stabilize the thing with his hand.  The aluminum, being conductive, was picking up his heartbeat.  This combo reader/cardiac monitor was eventually replaced by plastic. "
Jim McKelvey, Co-founder, Square 

When people think of ‘the co-founder of Square’ the first thing that often comes to mind is Jack Dorsey. What you probably don’t know is that Jim McKelvey actually had the initial idea and even designed the physical hardware which was even inducted into the MOMA - a designers dream and inspiration to all Geeks that create.

When it came time to announce the ‘Add Screenshots’ feature placing imagery on your Achievement Cards we reached out to Jim for a few photos to launch it and show in images some of the process. He quickly sent us some great shots from the prototyping stages to add to his Achievement Card that states "I co-founded Square" (thank you Jim!)

Here is another legendary geek we reached out to yesterday, Oren Jacob, the former-CTO of Pixar, who shared with us the sketches behind the logo for his new company, Toy Talk.

Yes, expect images for the Buzz Lightyear Rocket Contrail soon ;)

Behind all great work, be it back-end engineering or UI/UX front end design and coding, there lies planning in the form of sketches, images, whiteboard sessions, notes and the final piece. These all provide descriptive experiences of how you arrived at your Achievement. For example, below is the first front-end engineer to utilize the ‘Add Screenshot’ feature on her cards, Lea Verou:

In the next card she shows some of the code and process behind her creation Dabblet:

Sharing your achievements gives everyone working behind the scenes ‘credit where credit is due’ and that is why we built Geeklist. Sharing the images behind the work was a part of the initial roadmap and not only makes it a more interesting story, but shows how it happened and what went into the work.  Here’s a peek at a card by Nash Raghavan who lays claim to being 'Part of the original team that built webOS' and this:

along with a dozen more great achievements in his Geeklist Profile.

A special thanks to Jim McKelvey, Oren Jacob, Nash Raghavan and Lea Verou for supplying us the very first images to be added to Achievement Cards in Geeklist. You are inspiration to geeks everywhere.

In sum, as this is all about credit where credit is due, we’ll leave you with some shots from our co-founder and CTO, Christian Sanz, who gets 100% of the credit for building the entire backend and front end for this feature in a matter of days! Screenshots FTW!

From the Geeklist Engineering Team - for all Designers, UI/UX/front end engineers, back-end engineers and especially you Unicorns that do it all —- Photo or it didn’t happen ;)

Written by Reuben Katz

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