Answering the hackers call for link up-voting and down-voting

Two months ago to the date we released the ability for developers to share news and resources from around the web with the GeekIt bookmarklet. In those short months we’ve logged over 5,000 links as the demand for a voting system poured in. So naturally we delivered… well, specifically Jacob delivered ^5! 

Now the links stream has an up-vote and down-vote system, along with viewing the newest and most popular links:

But Jacob took it a step further in many ways. Not only can you vote in stream, but you can find the up-vote and down-vote widget in the users link lists

You can vote on individual links as well:

Currently there are three positive influencers on links: up-votes, high-fives and getting re-geeked. The only negative right now is the down-vote. Jacob is cooking up an in depth blog post about building the voting system in Geeklist which will get into much more details and you can count on continued transparency in the voting systems.

Different from other link sharing services, Geeklist gives you the unique ability to tag them into their related categories, sending them not only to your personal links pages and the main stream, but right into the relevant categories you tag. If you want to see the latest links in any topic just visit the specific communities. You can also see the favorite links of developers and entrepreneurs you respect by visiting their profiles and clicking ‘view all my links’.

Have fun, find links, ^5, re-geek and up-vote (or down-vote) them - most of all help make your fellow geeks lives better through participation. 

From the Geeklist founders - Reuben and Christian

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