Geeklist releases the GeekIt™ Bookmarklet for Links and integrates with the Facebook Open Graph

It’s been a very busy week here at Geeklist. Oh, and it’s only Monday! Yes, today we released the first ever bookmarklet for Geeks to share their resources. Just drag it to your bookmark bar and… Geek it! (click the picture for gist on easy how to)

When you GeekIt™ the resource link will appear in your profile and in the community you chose to tag it to inside Geeklist. 

The release got some serious traction shooting Geeklist to one of our busiest days ever. Oh, and we got Scobleized as well, when Robert Scoble tweeted the joining of communities and posted on Facebook:

Yes, then the magic happened. Robert Scoble created the Rackspace community on Geeklist. (click and join the community too)

So, when communities rolled out last week the response was roaring, but it was only the beginning. Everyone wondered ‘What’s next’ for communities? What can we do in them? Well, the first step is to add value to them with content. Relevant, tagged content that is crowd-sourced by your peers with the GeekIt bookmarklet. But that’s not all… now you can Regeekit and the resource will be available to your peers via your profile. So Don Geek’s it:

Then Sam regeek’s it!

What’s even better? We have begun full integration into the Facebook Open Graph. Now your High Five’s of Micros, Achievement Cards, joining communities and your Geekit and Regeekit activity will show up in your Facebook activity streams. Just go to your settings and link your Facebook account, if you haven’t already ;)

What are you waiting for?  Go Geek it!

Oh Hey… Send a HUGE ^5 to Daniel for building it! congrats Daniel and the Geeklist team! Nice release today!

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