Becoming a part of a much needed solution at Geeklist.

We are dedicating the rest of March and through the end of April to focusing all of our efforts on helping to showcase and support women in technology. We have learned so much and now feel the only reparation we may offer is to become part of the solution. We strongly and utterly condemn sexism as both founders and as a corporation.

For the next month and a half, and tirelessly throughout the future of Geeklist, we will dedicate ourselves to helping Find, Promote, Broadcast and Support the great achievements of Women in Tech.

To do this we will be creating and dedicating a new page to “Women in Tech”. We will be featuring and trending great achievements by women in technology and reaching out globally to find and promote the hiring of women in technology companies. 

We have learned so much from this experience thanks to our glaring mistakes as well as the honest and welcomed feedback of all. We were wrong in how we handled our friends valid complaint. We’re sorry Shanley. We have learned much from you as well. You are an amazing advocate for developers, we have always felt that, and women in technology and we hope one day you’ll join us and help us to make this world a better place for Women in Technology.

Your suggestions are very welcomed as to more ways we can help become part of a solution much needed globally. Please email us, the co-founders, at

Finally thank you to our fans, investors and families for standing behind us firmly even when we were wrong. We <3 U!


Reuben Katz and Christian Sanz

Geeklist co-founders.

UPDATE: 3/23: We are building a committee of women that are leaders in the technology and developer industries that will oversee and lead the way for Geeklist. Women developers. Please request to be added to this card to join and help - We are creating a Women in Technology committee on @gklst - 

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